Production of Burg Simpson commercials by Alexa B. Taylor

Burg Simpson

Based in Colorado and with offices nationwide, Burg Simpson is a prestigious personal injury law firm recognized for the quality of their legal work from satisfied clients, peers within the legal industry, and local communities.

In 2023, the Burg Simpson team wanted new, updated television and radio commercials to highlight their brand and promote their services. I wrote the scripts for the following commercials, It Matters, Passionate and Extra Mile, as well as edited the final spot and produced the branded graphics. These commercials aired in the Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas markets in both television and radio.

To highlight their partnership with Craig Hospital, I also provided script writing and storyboarding for the following spots. I also assisted in production, coordinating between the Burg Simpson team, the Craig Hospital team and production. Ultimately, the firm was extremely pleased with the end results and the spots aired in Denver, Colorado shortly after filming.

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