Rebel Farm brand and website designed by Alexa B. Taylor

Rebel Farm

Rebel Farm is a sustainable urban farm based in Denver, Colorado that grows fresh, quality leafy greens and herbs using hydroponic technology. When the company came under new ownership after the COVID-19 pandemic, they were looking to reintroduce their brand to the community, reestablish themselves as a premium produce provider, and launch into a new era of business.

Through an in-depth brand strategy process, we uncovered the brand positioning, target audiences, a detailed competitive analysis and value propositions for the brand. It was important to balance and reflect the rebellious nature of the brand and their approach to doing things differently, with the high-end, quality and fresh products they provide.

Once we established a brand identity that aligned with Rebel Farm’s goals, we designed a custom Squarespace website that would build brand awareness and educate potential customers. Through our partnership, Rebel Farm has reestablished themselves in the Denver community and continues to grow.

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Rebel Farm brand and logo designed by Alexa B. Taylor
Rebel Farm brand and logo designed by Alexa B. Taylor