East Coast Tea Suite brand and website design by Alexa B. Taylor

East Coast Tea Suite

Started as a passion project between two friends, East Coast Tea Suite uses all-natural ingredients to create tea and herbal blends centered around the promotion of relaxation, self care, and mental and physical wellness. Their products are made for people who often prioritize the hustle over their health, and they wanted to create a strategic and captivating brand and website that would reach people of color and groups who typically don’t consider themselves tea drinkers.

Through this collaboration, my role went beyond design. I worked with the owners to craft a brand strategy, including establishing their brand positioning, focusing in on their target audience and setting themselves apart with a compelling competitive advantage. I also guided them through the website design process and made strategic decisions that would help them introduce online visitors to the brand and ultimately, sell products.

Overall, the East Coast Tea Suite brand is elevated, cultured, natural and modern.

“Alexa was able to work with me as a first-time business owner, and turn my thoughts and preliminary ideas into a brand that feels authentic and identifies things that I would never be able to convey. I’m grateful!”

Desiree Battle, co-owner of East Coast Tea Suite